Tao 61/Day 265 “He considers those who point out his faults as his most benevolent teachers.”

“He considers those who point out his faults as his most benevolent teachers.”  “Easy for you to say, Mr. Tsu” I silently protest.  “Maybe when a benevolent teacher such as yourself is the one gently bringing my faults to light.  But  ‘her’?  ‘Him’?  ‘That’ unconscious peanut gallery?!  ‘This’ ongoing nightmare of a situation???  My most benevolent teachers?  Really?!!?”  “Really” – is the instant reply I receive as I start to circle the magic path once more.  I allow the answer to sink as deeply into my chest as this glorious, rain-washed sea-mountain air I’m breathing, and wait to see how far both will take me today.

Who or what are the fault-finders we find hardest to honor as our teachers?  For me, if I’m being honest, day-to-day family life is often just about all the spiritual sandpaper I can stand.  It scrapes against the barnacles of ego still clinging to the underside of my ‘life-boat’ like nothing else.  – And it happens without anyone even trying.  I’ll notice something I’ve been able to continually let go of suddenly morphing into something ego can no longer tolerate, and I’ll start judging and blaming rather than accepting and adapting to and rejoicing in.  The moment this happens is the moment I am neither present for, nor in harmony with, the Tao.  It doesn’t matter that my frustration may be totally ‘justifiable’.  My desire is to be continually present and Tao-authentic, and that eventually costs me everything that is not present and Tao-authentic – including ego-claims of mistreatment at the hands of The Way Things Are.  Like a challenging yoga pose, if I can just keep giving attention and ‘breathing into’ the discomfort my ego experiences in the presence of relationship-sandpaper (instead of ‘blaming the pose’), I’ll eventually realize that nothing ever goes ‘wrong’ in my world without my say-so.

For all of us are endowed with the wonderful capacity to ‘create our own weather’.  As I continue to circle these lakes week after week — in sunshine and rain, in heat wave and cold snap, in sickness and in health (have I gotten married to the magic path without realizing it?) — I become more and more aware of this one creative reality.  – And the more I become aware of (and practice) it, the more I understand how the most challenging external conditions can often coincide with the most amazing internal results.  By choosing to remain centered and present – regardless of the sandpaper or fault-finding I encounter – I will eventually find smooth sailing on all the seas of my life.  – Not because the seas have been polished smooth, but because I have…What is the weather forecast you have for your life?  Is it a knee-jerk reaction to an unanticipated downpour?  Is it based on last year’s almanac?  The coming year’s worries?  Regardless, it is possible to drop the worries, and the almanac, and even the need to forecast at all, and simply choose to SHINE…I complete a lap around the lakes and continue forward feeling like I could go much further – then remember I’m probably needed at home.  I stop in my tracks, turn around, and head for the car.  I suddenly feel like shouting, “I JUST BECAME A BILLIONAIRE – ASK ME HOW!”  Because, by letting go of everything, I have been given ‘everything’ – including the most benevolent teachers I could possibly imagine.  Two of them are only three and four years old, and suddenly I can’t wait to get back in their classroom, and learn what their next lesson for me will be.


One Response to “Tao 61/Day 265 “He considers those who point out his faults as his most benevolent teachers.””

  1. Christopher Says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear to today.

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