Tao 3/Day 282 “The Master leads…by weakening their ambition and toughening their resolve.”

“The Master leads…by weakening their ambition and toughening their resolve.”  Today I’m completing my ‘run’ (via air travel) from Victoria to California and back again.  The majority of the ‘magic path’ on this particular trek has consisted of a weekend Hay House conference in downtown San Francisco.  A diverse and extremely talented group of people allowed me the privilege of joining them to receive some world-class coaching on what it takes to successfully bring one’s passions, experiences and expertise to a wider audience.  By the end of the conference, I’ve established some wonderful friendships — as well as a growing conviction that a bestseller may not be in my immediate future after all (I was also proud of myself for resisting that nine dollar can of cashews so prominently displayed next to the flat-screen t.v. in my hotel room)…

The flight home is delayed for almost an hour due to some required mechanical maintenance, but — when passengers are finally allowed to board – I’m seated next to a pleasant, attractive lady also headed back to the island.  She consults with companies on the need for values-based leadership, and it’s clear that she walks her talk.  We hit it off immediately, and proceed to enjoy an animated conversation for much of the flight.

I end up sharing with her what I call ‘the nutshell’ – that brief sequence of events, part autobiography and part personal philosophy – that encapsulates what I understand of how I came to be at this current point in space and time.  I start with the initial move to Los Angeles after college, the early on-camera successes, the later off-camera difficulties, and how – through it all – my underlying spiritual commitment to becoming more authentically myself never wavers.  I touch on the years running the flea market, the joys of fatherhood, the challenges that eventually led to the decision to come to Victoria, and my out-of-the-blue resurgence as an actor and writer as a result of that decision.

I also tell this kind stranger about my experiences at the conference.  Several moments stand out, but one in particular is the result of participating in an exercise to determine current core values.  I’ve done versions of this kind of thing in the past, and at first felt that I readily resonated with the words “Create, Spirit, Freedom, and Connect.”  “However”, I told Jenn (we’d finally introduced ourselves) “as the exercise continued, I found myself writing down four completely different words:  humor, health, clarity and resilience – and ‘resilience’ is a word I’ve never previously resonated with in this way.”  I finish by mentioning the Tao te Ching and its connection to this running/book/blog effort, as well as Maureen’s business efforts to serve others in the autism community, and remark how I could never in a million years have been able to muster an ambition for what has nevertheless become the bulk of my everyday life — which I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Her smiling reply to all this was so simple, and I’ll never forget it.  “Well, it sounds like your life has been a journey that mirrors what you’re now trying to share with others.  The whole impact of your story is the move from ambition to resilience.”

The plane lands, we say our good-byes, and I head for home in the pouring rain knowing — with a depth beyond any I’ve ever experienced – that the Master has indeed been leading, every breath and every step of the Way.


2 Responses to “Tao 3/Day 282 “The Master leads…by weakening their ambition and toughening their resolve.””

  1. Jenna Forster Says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you Greg! Here’s to your journey and it inspiring the world.


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